Information about BookNBike

How it works

How it works

**Relating to. fee:** (For customers)
*) NB: Use of BookNBike's services: We charge af fixed fee of 5 percent of the total rental amount. We do this to maintain the operation, development and marketing of our bicycle sharing portal

**For bike owners:**

1. Create a profile on the bike that you want to rent:

2. Choose ad type - Choose whether to rent your bike for a fee or share it for free.

3. Create a headline for your add. - eg. "Bike for rent", specify the rental price per day, deposit amount and list a short description of your bike.

4. Enter location where the bike can be picked up and must be returned. 

5. Upload photos of the bike and one of your self, it makes people more comfortable renting from you. Write about how the bike is accessed, is the bike locked with a pin code lock or should customers meet with you and pick up the key.

6. Click save ad and it is created.

7. Remember to set up your payment information so you can start receiving payment in your bank account.

8. Place your bike in a place where tourists come, it will increase the possibility of your bike being rented out.

9. Theft/damage:
We are not yet large enough for insurance companies to offer us comprehensive insurance for our users and customers. As an alternative, we offer our members that they can include a security deposit in the event that the bike was stolen or breached in connection with the rental. If you collect a deposit from users, our payment provider will deduct somewhere between 2.5-4 percent of the amount, depending on the country where the credit card used is issued. Therefore, we basically charge a 5 percent fee to handle the deposit in connection with bike rental, as we have to spend time manually handling the deposit. The deposit will be returned to the customer 48 hours after the end of the rental, if no theft or significant default has been reported by the respective bike owners.

For customers (renters):
NB: It is important that you as customer confirm your rental period as completed in agreement with the landlord. If the renter does not hand over the bicycle within the agreed rental period, the bike owner may require additional payment if required via the deposit.

If you experience any challenges, please feel free to contact BookNBike via our contact form or support line +45 40 600 440.

You can create a free profile and rent bikes via the BookNBike platform. It is free for the bikeowners to rent out bicycles through BookNBike platform.  In addition to the rental price, users / customers pay a fee of 5 percent for bike rentals on BookNBikes platform.

We wish you a nice ride :-)